Let’s check out some asset packs from the Unity Asset Store for Realistic Graphics and Realistic Visuals in Unity 2019! Check out the assets here: AzureSky, Dynamic Skybox: https://ole.unity.com/AzureSky Aura 2 – Volumetric Lighting & Fog: https://ole.unity.com/Aura2Pack Lux Water: https://ole.unity.com/LuxWater Meadow Environment: https://ole.unity.com/MeadowEnvironment Rocks Pack PBR: https://ole.unity.com/RocksPackPBRRead More →

In this video we look at a number of techniques useful for creating immersive AR (augmented reality) content including light estimation, realtime reflections and plane occlusion. For the source code for the plane occlusion video, click here: https://ole.unity.com/ARSamplesRead More →