This week’s episode features details for an upcoming Free Play Days opportunity for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a chat with the team behind Extinction, the release of Robocraft Infinity, lots of backward compatibility news and much more. More →!/en-us/cid=UP2282-CUSA07661_00-SKYFORGELIVE0000 Skyforge, an action-packed sci-fantasy MMORPG, has just released a new free expansion called Overgrowth. All players can enjoy the new expansion and unlock a wild new class – the Grovewalker – right now. These are highly proficient mages that sling savage nature magic at their foes from afar.Read More →

Pre-order: Overgrowth is the latest free expansion for MMORPG Skyforge! With it comes a wild new class for players to unlock – the Grovewalker. Together, with reworked story missions and all-new challenges in the collection system, the free update will be released on April 12. Get your Collector EditionRead More →