Corey Marshall, the English-version voice actor of Ryo Hazuki, presents a series of videos exploring the world of Shenmue. Last week, our first episode detailed the storyline of Shenmue I & II and Ryo’s quest to avenge his father. Today, we’re delving deeper into the characters themselves.Read More →

Take a trip back to the 90’s to celebrate the highest rated Sonic game in 15 years with our latest infomercial! The definitive Sonic Mania experience launches with new characters, an all-new Encore Mode, and more on July 17th. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA is registered in theRead More →

Team Sonic Racing arrives this Winter! Race in a team with your friends (or against them) both offline and online, and choose from a variety of characters and tracks in the Sonic universe! Team Sonic Racing is being developed by Sumo Digital, well-known for their fantastic racing titles. We’ll revealRead More →

Shane works on the boots and the microphone for his fan art of SEGA’s Space Channel 5 in this episode! Shane Olson – Sculpting Stylized Characters – Episode 48 Shane’s Monthly Schedule Available Here: Learn more about ZBrushLIVE: Learn more about ZBrush: ZBrush Community: Try ZBrushRead More →

Experience the conclusion to Kazuma Kiryu’s story and see how far he’s willing to go for family in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, available now physically and digitally on PlayStation 4! See what people have been saying about the game in our latest trailer. Rated Mature: Blood, IntenseRead More →

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