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Wargaming introduces the “Fighting Girlfriend T-34” in honor of Mariya Vasilyevna Oktyabrskaya (Russian: Мария Васильевна Октябрьская); a Soviet tank driver during World War II. She was the first of the few female tank drivers to be awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union award; the Soviet Union’s highest award forRead More →

Massive 30×30 combat in the new random battle type – Grand Battle. Season 2 of Ranked Battles. Major vehicle rebalance! See all this and more today in Update 9.20. Twitter: Facebook: Let’s Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: North America: http://worldoftanks.comRead More →

You have to see it with your own eyes: rebalanced vehicles from five nations, a new format of Random Battles called Grand Battles, improvements to the stun mechanic, a new branch of Chinese TDs, and another batch of vehicles in HD quality. Don’t miss the Update 9.20 review! Twitter: More →

Update 9.20 for World of Tanks will bring a new type of Random Battles—Grand Battle. How do you avoid getting lost on such a big map? Where do you need to go? And how do you get Bonds after the end of the battle? Watch our video to learn more.Read More →

What happens when metal meets metal? Find it out in our latest video, where the keen tankers and talented musicians from Sabaton join forces with World of Tanks to kick off the most powerful collaboration between music and games. Twitter: Facebook: Let’s Battle! Play World of Tanks forRead More →

In Update 9.20, the characteristics of many vehicles will undergo changes. What will be different for Soviet tanks? What will become of the AMX 50 Foch (155)? What are the improvements for the IS-7? You’ll find the answers to these questions in the new episode of Developer Diaries. Happy viewing!Read More →

Grand Battle, new battle type in the Random Battle mode. Updated SPG stun mechanics. Chinese tank destroyers. Balance changes of vehicles from five nations! Don’t miss your chance to learn more in our 9.20 Common Test Review! Twitter: Facebook: Let’s Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: NorthRead More →

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