In this tutorial, I show you a powerful new way to drive transforms in your rig using an Offset Parent Matrix. This lets you cut down on the number of joints, speed up your rig performance, and allow for more adaptability. Maya 2020 What’s New: The Matrix is ©Read More →

SideFX is pleased to release the Houdini 17.5 Launch Presentation video. Learn more about the upcoming H17.5 release from SideFX’s Cristin Barghiel, VP R&D, Scott Keating, Senior Product Designer, Ken Xu, Senior Software Architect – with special guest Bill Polson, Global Head of Pipeline and Workflow, MPC Film.Read More →

This is an introductory video on rigging in Houdini, which will go over rigging as an overview, HDAs, objects vs geometry, parenting and hierarchies, bones and nulls, animation controls, constraints, rotation order/gimbal lock, naming conventions, mirroring and rigging, and animation scripts. SERIES INDEX: 1) HDA & Spine – 2)Read More →

In Part 3, we will begin rigging the Left Arm. The arm will have both Forward and Inverse Kinematics, the ability to twist both the upper and lower arm as well as ‘space switching’ for the wrist. SERIES INDEX: 1) HDA & Spine – 2) Head, Eyes & NeckRead More →

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