Set in a world where the rules of light and shadow no longer apply, One Upon Light sees you exploring the ruined remains of the Aurora Science labs in search of answers. What happened here? Who are you? And, most importantly, will things ever be the same again? The answers are there to find but whatever you do, don’t go into the light…

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Under Defeat HD is developed by Japanese arcade game powerhouse G.rev and will be arriving in Europe this month for Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox360. Gamers will get to enjoy brand new upgrades and player modes as they take on the role of a helicopter pilot placed within a war-torn struggle between the Empire and Union.

In addition to the full game disc, Rising Star Games’ Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition includes:
· Digital art book
· All current DLC and patches (Including the VKL06.02 Chopper)
· Soundtrack CD
· Letter from G.Rev CEO and Under Defeat Executive Producer Hiroyuki MaruyamaRead More →


The brash Aden and cheerful Sonja are two friends enjoying life in their peaceful island town until they’re struck by a mysterious curse: they awaken to find that not only have they been transported to a strange new island, but that both of their souls are now trapped in the same body!

What secrets lie in this vast new land? And who is the sinister masked stranger who threatens to destroy it?

With the aid of the giant golem, Ymir, and a colorful cast of characters, Aden and Sonja will cross vast seas, discover dungeons packed with riches, fertile islands ripe for planting, and battle fearsome monsters!

At the end of their journey lies the key to undoing their curse… and saving their newfound home!

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