Have you heard about the new Nintendo Switch 2021 model coming into the market? Watch this video as Alex Sy gives you a sneak peek of the games that might be included in this latest console! Learn more about us and our games: https://megacatstudios.com Come play and talk to usRead More →

Mega Cat host Xia shares the news that Pac Man 99 is available on Nintendo Switch, and if you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber you’ll have access to the game for free! For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit: https://megacatstudios.com/​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Come play & talk on discord!Read More →

Mega Cat host Xia shares new news about Dinosaur Planet, the rare find from Rare for the Nintendo 64! For more info on the game click here: https://twitter.com/forestillusion/status/1363090008916193282?s=20 For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit: https://megacatstudios.com/​​​​​​ Come play & talk on discord! www.discord.gg/megacatRead More →

Can you imagine a world without cabbage, tomatoes, or even carrots? Believe it or not, that’s the world you’ll find yourself in at the beginning of Harvest Moon: One World, as the Harvest Goddess, the queen of crops herself, has vanished…

However, before the Harvest Goddess disappeared from this world, she imbued the tiny Harvest Wisps with the knowledge of various seeds, thus ensuring the various fruits and vegetables of the world would not be lost. Using the power given to these Harvest Wisps, you’ll unlock various seeds as you progress through the game! But the Harvest Wisps can be tricky to find, as they all appear at different times and places. You’ll need to use your noggin to make sure you seek out as many of them as you can!

– Explore five unique and colorful areas: the sprawling grasslands of Calisson, the gorgeous beaches of Halo Halo, the searing desert heat of Pastilla, the cozy hills of Lebkuchen, and the snowy mountains of Salmiakki!

– Choose your main character and meet all of the five handsome bachelors and five beautiful bachelorettes, each with their own unique personality and backstory!

– Raise and keep animals such as cows, sheep, goats, and even reindeer!

– Use your Expando-Farm to easily travel from one area to another!

Harvest Moon: One World is out on Nintendo Switch.Read More →

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