In the latest PUBG Mobile update, you have a choice of joining the Shadow or Force squads… Different playstyles, different tactics. Which style are you?

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Season 5 is upon us, the race up the rating ladders is on and everyone loves the new gear, but what about the theme of the season? If you feel like playing with a little bit of force, and a whole lot of aggression, then this video is the one for you 🙂

Today we are going to look at some recent gameplay in a squad and during streams that echo the force part of the “Shadow Vs Force” Theme!


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FPP is my favorite form of the game it requires focus, and a dynamic style of gameplay, it also requires a lot of knowledge if you want to max it out!

Today I’m going to break down the absolute must-have info you need to plug in your FPP gameplay and supercharge it into something that gets the blood pumping.

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Rock on amigos!
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Hello Everybody in this video The7WorldsGaming will be showing his first game of the Zombies event coming to PUBG Mobile.

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Welcome to Pubg Mobile Update v0.10.5 and the release of Season 5 Royal Pass. Vikendi Custom Rooms are now available in TPP and FPP here are highlights of the Rose League hosted by Wicked Gaming featuring some Laser Sight action!

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Win The Brawl – The Gunslingers Guide to Pubg Mobile

This is an in depth guide to winning the hard fights, brawling and cqc. If you want to clear squads, dominate engagements and get high kill counts in your chicken dinners then this is a must watch.

There are a lot of important parts to winning big gunfights and today I’m going to break them down and put them into a clear outline that you can put back into your gameplay!

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#ClericDragoon Gaming with a tutorial on how to utilize knocked enemies to #lure in squads and #wipe teams.

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