The Common Test of Update 1.6 is here. You can already find out how the personal missions of two campaigns have been reworked, evaluate the big changes to the customization system, test the updated team damage mechanics, and most importantly—get to know the new British light tanks. Let’s go. Let’sRead More →

Get the Foxtrot Care Package here: Tankers, July’s offering is here and it’s full to the brim. Care Package Foxtrot boasts a British commander fully trained with Repair, Jack of All Trades and Sixth Sense, two rental vehicles from the UK, a ton of consumables and much more! AllRead More →

The Chieftain chats with Dave, from the Flakpanzer Restoration Group, as he shows off the various parts from the Flakpanzer that’s currently being worked on. Twitter: Facebook: Twitch TV: Let’s Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: North America: http://worldoftanks.comRead More →

The Bretagne Panther has had a long and heroic history, and now thanks to World of Tanks it lives again for new adventures! You can also read its story here: Let’s Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: North America: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: More →

Ever wonder how to convert a tank into a mobile music machine? Wonder no more, as we see The Chieftain hack into the tanks audio system and set up our friends at the Ontario Regiment Museum with some soothing tunes. Twitter: Facebook: Twitch TV: Let’s Battle! PlayRead More →

A big game event starts soon on the Global Map—Fire Trail. The best clans will fight again in a battle for leadership and rewards. Learn more about the event right now! Take part in the Fire Trail and choose your reward! Twitter: Facebook: Twitch TV: Let’s Battle!Read More →

On our show, we usually talk vehicles—surprise, surprise. Joyfully and in good humor, with some harmless antics thrown in. But this time, we decided to find the answer to one of the most profound questions: what’s better, a car or a tank? After numerous tests, it seems, we managed toRead More →

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