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We speak to rhythm action hero. Benjamin ‘Rayokarna’ Porteous-Heath, from NGI and play some Superbeat Xonic on PS4 for the first time.

EXTENDED interview with Ben coming soon!

Featuring Superbeat Xonic – PS Vita / Coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Game info Buy Limited Edition:

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Tracklist from Superbeat Xonic:
Kitty from Hell – Paul Bazooka
Murky Waters – Makou
Louder – Makou
Fantaski-K – NieN
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Released last year on PC format to critical acclaim, this award-winning puzzle-platformer tells an intriguing tale set against a visual backdrop that charts the evolution of video games. You’ll journey from 8-bit pixel art through to current-gen graphical splendour as you play through this lovingly-crafted celebration of gaming’s history.

A Pixel Story sees you embarking on an epic quest to reach the core of The System. As you progress further into your journey through video game history, your world becomes increasingly more detailed and complicated, and ever-more perilous, tasking you to test the mystical powers afforded to you by your Magical Teleportation Hat.

Discover a charming and challenging adventure filled to the brim with gaming and pop culture references as you immerse yourself into A Pixel Story’s colourful world. Unlock the awesome power of your snappy Magical Teleportation Hat while you traverse six large free-form zones, interact with a diverse range of NPCs, and attempt to stop the evil OS from destroying the universe. More →

(Xbox One & PS Vita versions will be out in June)


Witness the rebirth of a genre in Lumo! A modern take on the long-lost isometric platform genre, Lumo can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an absorbing, challenging and rewarding adventure. But for those who lived through the golden age of videogames – the 80s and early 90s – or know about the games and culture from that time, layer upon layer of nods, winks and touches to those times help build upon an experience that’s as heart-warming as it is exciting! More →

Under Defeat HD is developed by Japanese arcade game powerhouse G.rev and will be arriving in Europe this month for Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox360. Gamers will get to enjoy brand new upgrades and player modes as they take on the role of a helicopter pilot placed within a war-torn struggle between the Empire and Union.

In addition to the full game disc, Rising Star Games’ Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition includes:
· Digital art book
· All current DLC and patches
· Soundtrack CD
· Letter from G.Rev CEO and Under Defeat Executive Producer Hiroyuki Maruyama

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