In this lesson, we use what we learned in lessons 7 and 8 to animate your rocket taking off and landing on the moon! Specifically, this tutorial will teach you about: – Keyframe animation – The 12 principles of animation (specifically: anticipation, follow through, squash and stretch, exaggeration, timing, andRead More →

In this tutorial, I show you how to add finger joints to the rig created in this tutorial: In order to do that, I walk you through HumanIK, a rigging middleware included with Maya that’s also compatible with other Autodesk products as well as non-Autodesk products (like game engines).Read More →

Motion Library is now a native plugin in Maya, making it easier for you to find affordable (including over 50 free ones to get started!), high-quality character animations for your Maya projects. In this video, Senior Product Owner, Mark Tanner walks through searching, previewing, and purchasing motion assets natively, rightRead More →

In this short lesson, I’ll show you how to create the most useful lights in Maya, how to display them in the Viewport along with shadows, and how to adjust their properties. Check out the whole series! Created in Maya 2020Read More →

In this series, Senior Maya Product Owner, Will Telford, walks through the latest rigging tools and updates in Maya 2020. New matrix-driven transform and operation nodes help reduce node and connection clutter in your scenes, for faster rigs. In this video, Will demos the new Pick Matrix attribute for filteringRead More →

Maya 2020 adds over 60 new animation features and updates. In this series, Maya Animation Product Owner, Mark Tanner, explores the latest updates in the Graph Editor. In this video, Mark demos new and improved workflows for changing default In and Out Tangents in the Graph Editor.Read More →

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