In this video, we’re gonna take a look at adding Volumetric Lights to your Unity scenes, using Unity 2019.3 and HDRP! Volumetric Lighting helps improve the quality of your scenes by allowing light sources to affect the Volumetric Fog in the scene. Download the Fontainebleau project here: Upgrading MaterialsRead More →

Unity 2019.3: Brand-new Editor interface, a new Input System, faster in-Editor iteration time, production-ready graphics and much more. The last release of the 2019 TECH cycle delivers even more performance and better workflows for any artist, designer or programmer. Visit our release page for more details: More →

In this video we will look at creating an interactive shader effects which allows us to both shake and dissolve a mesh. We’ll also review some best practices for authoring shaders using sub-graphs on Universal Render Pipeline in Unity 2019.2. Download the source and follow along here: For anRead More →