One of the biggest competitive advantages you can get in PUBG Mobile is better movement control, recoil management, and aim. Today we are going to look at how I took a massive leap forward in my gameplay simply by altering the way I held my device and changing to a more “hands-on” approach.

I’m going to go in depth on my claw grip, how and why I have it set up, sensitivity advice and a whole lot more.

Hope you enjoy it and take away some kind of game improvement 🙂

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Season 5 is upon us, the race up the rating ladders is on and everyone loves the new gear, but what about the theme of the season? If you feel like playing with a little bit of force, and a whole lot of aggression, then this video is the one for you 🙂

Today we are going to look at some recent gameplay in a squad and during streams that echo the force part of the “Shadow Vs Force” Theme!


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FPP is my favorite form of the game it requires focus, and a dynamic style of gameplay, it also requires a lot of knowledge if you want to max it out!

Today I’m going to break down the absolute must-have info you need to plug in your FPP gameplay and supercharge it into something that gets the blood pumping.

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Rock on amigos!
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Season 5 and the Royale Pass have arrived! Some will attack from the shadows while others will charge head-on with brute force. Which side will you choose? #pubgmshadow vs #pubgmforce

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Today Medal talks about if the new Season 5 Royale pass is worth getting or not.

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Check out 100 Players do the Crossbow only challenge in an Advanced Custom Room.

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Yanrique’s back with some fierce Vikendi action!

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Wicked Gaming and Hotjukes try out Hotsprings/Cantra on the new Vikendi Map and show you that there is actual good loot on the new map for v0.10.0

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Now on Nintendo Switch! Save the Metal, Save the World, Save the Coffee! Coffee Crisis is a neo-rogue brawler that puts you in the shoes of the only baristas on Earth with enough heavy metal in their veins to fend off an alien assault. Play solo or join up withRead More →

Going solo vs squad in Sanhok, how long can Izzo survive. Can he Get the Chicken Dinner?

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