In this Unreal Engine livestream SideFX Game Technical Artist Paul Ambrosiussen shows a variety of ways Houdini was used for VFX, mesh processing, terrain, world building, and mega-structure detailing in the realistic cinematic, “Rebirth”, created in partnership with Quixel and Unreal Engine for GDC 2019. Houdini: Unreal Engine: https://www.unrealengine.comRead More →

Let’s start our Scatter HDA by getting the basic tool setup hooked into our TOP network. We will also get a few items setup in the HDA’s Type Properties. This lesson is part of a larger collection of tutorials which you can access here along with project files: More →

Now that we have the HAD which is responsible for the texturing of the terrain, let’s get it hooked into the TOP network so it is producing the textures for our terrain inside of Unity. This lesson is part of a larger collection of tutorials which you can access hereRead More →

In this masterclass, Cameron White covers the new RBD-related features in Houdini 17. Cameron begins with constraints – particularly, soft constraints, along with some useful new options in Glue Constraint. He continues with SOPs – Convex Decomposition – as well as some useful utility SOPs like Extract Centroid, Extract Transform,Read More →

Erika and Mario walk you through the most notable features in the latest release of the Spine Editor and Spine Runtimes. 00:15 Audio support 01:53 Revamped exports 03:39 Type to search 04:48 Stretchy, compressed, and uniform inverse kinematics 06:07 Combining skins 07:09 Skin duplication and placeholder creation 09:02 Vertex copy/pasteRead More →

Learn from Xanthos Vouldis, Game Director at DMM Games, on how their tiny team (2 people!) used Houdini’s procedural workflows for Exile Skies – a 3D mobile game – for a variety of gamedev art, including terrain generation – saving them time, and allowing for quick iterations at any stageRead More →

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