The graph has been completely reworked in Spine 4.0! The new graph shows you the curves between all the keys at once and lets you manipulate them with a beautiful, easy to use interface. The powerful new graph makes it tremendously easy to create, tweak, and perfect your animations, givingRead More →

Welcome to the third video of our Animating with Spine tutorial series! This time we discuss how timing and spacing breathe life into your animation. Follow along with the provided Spine project to hone your animation skills and really understand the topic. Happy animating! Project files for the timing andRead More →

Welcome to the second video of our Animating with Spine tutorial series! We’ll teach you the 12 basic animation principles and how to apply those concepts in Spine. Follow along and use the provided Spine project to hone your skills by animating four different balls through an obstacle course. AsRead More →

Sandi is Ayden’s best friend and next-door neighbor. The two are inseparable. We designed Sandi as our female hero for Enfield’s Apocalypse to run with Ayden in order to save their world from a weird curse that is turning people into partial animals. 

Sandi is 11 years old and 56 inches tall.

Her blood type is O+.

She’s spunky, smart, outgoing, and wants to live in peace with nature.

She lives with her mom but does not know her dad. Her father left before she was born, although her mother never talks badly of him. Sandi adores her mother, but of course, like any 11-year-old, doesn’t always follow the rules.

Sandi’s Motivation to Save Enfield?

Sandi’s mom makes the best darn soup. After the curse took over their land, her mom ended up with hooves for hands, preventing her from being able to make soup. What better motivation is there than yummy food?

Sandi’s Concept Creation

Anyways, check out the character concept creation below. Kendra Corpier designed her using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. She recorded the video with OBS. The concept took just over 8 hours to create. Don’t worry, though, we sped up the video so you can see it in less than 5 minutes.

Love it? Comment your thoughts below!Read More →

Learn how to rig meshes for new poses in your animations in this festive stream! Read more on the Spine blog: Expand the video description for downloads and chapters! Downloadable files: Get Spine: Follow Erika live as she creates assets for Spine on Twitch: All theRead More →

This is the first video of our new tutorial series where we’ll teach you animation theory and how to apply those concepts in Spine. Whether you are new to Spine or looking to improve your skills, you will find many valuable tips! This first episode is about understanding the propertiesRead More →

Over the course of one week game jammers used Houdini, along with other tools and game engines, to make games based on the theme of “Don’t Panic!” for the first-ever Houdini Game Jam. This video shows the games that were completed during the jam. All of these games can beRead More →

In this video Erika sets the rig to simulate depth on Spineboy in Spine. Expand the video description for downloads and chapters! This is a cut version of the stream. The full version is available on Twitch. Downloadable project: Get Spine: Art by Siniša “Sinke” Mataić. Follow ErikaRead More →

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