Over the course of one week game jammers used Houdini, along with other tools and game engines, to make games based on the theme of “Don’t Panic!” for the first-ever Houdini Game Jam. This video shows the games that were completed during the jam. All of these games can beRead More →

Games that were made with Houdini during Global Game Jam 2020 and entered into SideFX’s “Game Jam with Houdini Contest”. Get the full details here: https://www.sidefx.com/community/game-jam-2020-houdini-contest-winners/ Download and play the games for free below: 1st Place Winner – Breached https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/breached-7 2nd Place Winner – Grandpa’s Little Memories https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/grandpas-little-memories-4 3rd PlaceRead More →

Ludum Dare 43 Youngstown Ohio

YGD and CCGD (Coal Creek Game Developers) are hosting a location spot for Ludum Dare 43 Game Jam at the Oak Hill Collaborative. This jam is completely free!Read More →

It’s time to see some results, results of the Winter #ue4jam that is! After playing through the 120+ incredible submissions, the team of judges has selected the finalists. Join us as we share some of our favorite games, play through the winning titles, and award some wonderful prizes. NEWS NVIDIARead More →

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