Artomatix has joined the Unity family! In this Unite Now session, we will demonstrate powerful 3D material-creation workflows and quality-of-life enhancements made available with AI-assisted artistry. Speakers: Eric Risser (Principal Engineer) Mike Geig (Head of Evangelism Content) Ask your questions here: Did you find this video useful? Room forRead More →

In this session we’ll talk about how our partnership with ARM helps bringing the power of the Burst Compiler to Android, enhancing multicore processor performance and power management. You’ll learn how Burst grants ahead-of-time compilation of critical C# code to native code and the features it enables (e.g., Advanced SIMD).Read More →

Thanks for joining the #YourFirstGameJam livestream where we showed all you beginners out there how to get started with Unity using our beginner-friendly Karting Microgame and Mods — with the help of your suggestions in the chat, we customized this wild, nearly unbeatable game together: Want to try creatingRead More →

Acquiring the right players and leveraging different channels and partners can be hard. In this session, Paivi Putsepp-Seufert, Unity’s head of performance marketing, shares her best tips for user acquisition (UA) based on insight from advertisers. She’s joined by other UA leaders to share their success tips. Speakers: Paivi Putsepp-SeufertRead More →

The Heretic was created on stock Unity 2019.3 and takes advantage of recent improvements in Unity’s graphics. It was entirely lit using real-time lights. In this video, we’ll take a look at how these lights work and how they enhance the world of The Heretic. Join us for a liveRead More →

In this session Unity evangelist Mike Geig chats with Peter Andreasen and Martin Kümmel from our internal production team. You might know them as the authors of projects like FPS Sample, Megacity or DOTS Sample. Their focus is on ensuring our solutions and features are working together in production environments.Read More →

In this Unite Now session you will learn how to enhance artist workflows for a faster and more efficient production pipeline. We’ll demonstrate powerful artist and designer-friendly features in Unity. Speakers: Housein Cornell (Content Evangelist) Mike Geig (Global Head of Evangelism Content) Ask your questions here: Did you findRead More →

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