In this Unreal Engine livestream SideFX Game Technical Artist Paul Ambrosiussen shows a variety of ways Houdini was used for VFX, mesh processing, terrain, world building, and mega-structure detailing in the realistic cinematic, “Rebirth”, created in partnership with Quixel and Unreal Engine for GDC 2019. Houdini: Unreal Engine: https://www.unrealengine.comRead More →

Let’s start our Scatter HDA by getting the basic tool setup hooked into our TOP network. We will also get a few items setup in the HDA’s Type Properties. This lesson is part of a larger collection of tutorials which you can access here along with project files: More →

In this masterclass, Cameron White covers the new RBD-related features in Houdini 17. Cameron begins with constraints – particularly, soft constraints, along with some useful new options in Glue Constraint. He continues with SOPs – Convex Decomposition – as well as some useful utility SOPs like Extract Centroid, Extract Transform,Read More →

Learn from Xanthos Vouldis, Game Director at DMM Games, on how their tiny team (2 people!) used Houdini’s procedural workflows for Exile Skies – a 3D mobile game – for a variety of gamedev art, including terrain generation – saving them time, and allowing for quick iterations at any stageRead More →

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