“I swear a lot less since we have Houdini now.” – Jörg Goldmann, FX TD Unexpected – a post-production studio in Stuttgart, Germany – is a relatively new user of Houdini for ad production. Learn how they put it to good use to create a gorgeous environment for this HuaweiRead More →

Scene Files available here: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-workflow-concepts/ Vellum is a unified solver that offers fast production workflows for cloth, wires, soft bodies, balloons and grains. It works a little different than other Houdini tools you may be used to, so this course is intended to help you understand the fundamental design intentionsRead More →

At this year’s SIGGRAPH we hosted a panel session featuring several talented women from the VFX industry – speaking about their experiences as professionals in the industry. KATE GABRIEL | THE MILL As a highly experienced VFX artist, Kate has worked on some of The Mill’s most challenging and high-profileRead More →

Check out this year’s work from our Certified Schools. This is a highly competitive program with extremely talented instructors and students working together to show the possibilities of Houdini. To learn more please visit: https://www.sidefx.com/schools/ This year’s contributors include: L’école NAD 3D Sense Media School Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Lost Boys StudiosRead More →

MPC London’s epic visual experiment to represent the four different taste notes of Hennessy in the form of a seven minute short film, directed by Ridley Scott. In this short, they run the gamut of VFX using Houdini’s tools to generate clouds, celestial scenes, flocking birds, a woodlands shapeshifting character,Read More →

A inside look at MPC New York’s Character FX pipeline, with a focus on furry creatures. Learn how they seamlessly replaced the mouth of a live action dog with a CG double for Bush’s Baked Beans. See how they created a piano playing CG goat for McDonalds. Featuring: Santosh GunaseelanRead More →

Learn about Pixar’s new RenderMan for Houdini plugin, completely rewritten to support the latest interactive workflows in RenderMan. Wayne Wooten will demonstrate RenderMan’s greatly improved integration with Houdini, including interactive modeling, shading, and lighting. Wayne will also highlight features like seamless support for Houdini’s geometric attributes, volumetric rendering, and theRead More →

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