Let’s go on a tutorial-quest together! Check out Skillshare! http://skl.sh/brackeys13 🎸JOIN THE JAM! https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-2 Discord: https://discord.gg/brackeys Advanced Questing System: https://bit.ly/2ScxIqd Ultimate Game UI: https://bit.ly/2t4kQTO ♥ Support Brackeys on Patreon: http://patreon.com/brackeys/ ···················································································· ♥ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1kMekJV 👕 Check out Line of Code! https://lineofcode.io/ ● Website: http://brackeys.com/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrackeysTweet/ ● Instagram: https://instagram.com/brackeysteam/Read More →

Learn more at: http://nisamerica.com/games/the-liar-princess/ Preorder now @ https://store.nisamerica.com/the-liar-princess-and-the-blind-prince The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince follows the tale of two lonely hearts brought together through a mutal misunderstanding. In it, you control the wolf, transformed to the guise of a princess who guides the blind princes through a perilous forestRead More →

At the end of each match challengers are able to take some time to sit back and relax in the Captain’s Quarters within their ship. Once there, you can talk with fellow challengers to reminisce about previous matches, form alliances, or plot future betrayals. Spend time admiring the rewards andRead More →

The extinction of humanity is near but don’t give up your life without a fight! Get ready to feast once more in and demonstrate your resolve in God Eater 3! GOD EATER™3&©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment IncRead More →

Kam’lanaut deftly wields a sword that deals elemental damage and grows stronger upon a successful hit. He can also utilize the power of Esoteric Region to manifest an arcane area that debilitates the unfortunate souls who step into it. In FINAL FANTASY XI, he is the archduke of Jeuno, aRead More →

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