Assemble your dream team of Tidus and other FF legends in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA! Download and play free now!

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Your favorite champions from the Final Fantasy franchise are coming together for the ultimate battle… and it’s also your chance to win awesome prizes.

Square Enix is teaming up with Amazon to throw the tournament of the century – The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Fantasy Finals.

To join, pre-order any version of Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, including the limited edition Steelbook Brawler Editions, on Amazon today and also get the exclusive Cloud Nail Bat DLC!Read More →

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DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT: LIVE FIGHTS is a series of livestreams to provide an in-depth look on gameplay mechanics and show high level gameplay from players around the world – prior to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launching on 1.30.2018.
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Tune in Saturday, 9.23.2017 @ 8PM PDT for the first ever LIVE FIGHT hosted at SoCal Regionals!

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