“This is our finest hour. Ever victorious against the enemies of humanity. Ever triumphant in our home, and around the system. Now the City wants to honor us. Who are we to deny them?” —Ikora Rey Solstice of Heroes begins on Tuesday, July 31. The City has gathered to celebrateRead More →

https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/destiny-2-ps4/ Destiny 2 features a cinematic campaign, action packed FPS gameplay, and a variety of solo, cooperative, and competitive activities all set in an expansive online world. For the first time, experience the entire campaign, every mode, and all the gear you can earn in one weekend – for free.Read More →

Gambit is an all-new hybrid game mode for Destiny 2: Forsaken. Watch how this competitive co-op experience combines the best of team PvE and PvP. Fight. Collect. Bank. Invade. Destiny 2: Forsaken arrives September 4. Pre-Order and get Cayde’s Exotic Stash. The Reef has fallen to lawlessness, and now the most-wantedRead More →

Días Carmesí empieza el 13 de febrero, cuenta con Enfrentamiento 2c2 basado en rondas y un nuevo mapa: ¡El Burnout! Gana recompensas exclusivas compitiendo en la lista de juego de Días Carmesí, completando actividades seleccionadas y recibiendo tanto un Engram iluminado como un Engrama carmesí cada vez que subes deRead More →

Os Dias Carmesins começarão no dia 13 de fevereiro, com um Enfrentamento 2v2 em rodadas e um novo mapa – Combusto! Receba recompensas exclusivas ao competir na lista de jogos dos Dias Carmesins. Complete atividades específicas para receber um Engrama Iluminado e um Engrama Carmesim cada vez que você alcançarRead More →

Crimson Days begins on February 13, featuring 2v2 Clash with a round-based twist and a new map – The Burnout! Earn exclusive rewards by competing in the Crimson Days playlist, completing select activities, and receive both an Illuminated Engram and a Crimson Engram each time you level up past maxRead More →