For this LAHUG David Torno will be presenting select highlights from two of his Mardini entries. He will focus on his Houdini work for “Fantasy” (tree trunks and swaying vines) and “Valley” (simple art directed mountains). Welcome to Mardini, the gauntlet that will push you to your limits daily. ItRead More →

This 2021 games reel highlights another year of outstanding work from game studios of all sizes, from Indie to AAA. Want to learn more about how Houdini is used in games pipelines? Join us for the Houdini HIVE GameDev – July 7-8, 2021 – more info here: This year’sRead More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Vellum Weld fuses points during simulation where you can tear surfaces apart. Learn how to set up a surface for welding using the edge fracture to break up along existing topology lines. You will then learn how to control the breaking or tearing ofRead More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Vellum Rest Blend lets you morph between different rest states of geometry updating the constraints for you to achieve interesting results. You can set up the rest blend up in SOPS or in DOPS. Learn the difference between these two methods.Read More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Vellum Strut Softbody offers you per point constraints that are very flexible when simulating. After setting up a simple example you will compare different methods of achieving compelling soft body results. Create a shrink wrap effect using two pieces of geometry.Read More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Vellum Tetrahedral Softbody is another way to create soft bodies in Houdini. These have a localized self preservation and can be set up with plasticity to maintain the deformed shape as it is being simulated instead of bouncing back to its original shape.Read More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Vellum Glue is a very useful add-on node that searches for nearby geometry then adds a constraint between the points. Learn how to use this node to connect two different vellum types such as hairs and balloons then how to attach and break apartRead More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Pin to Target is a Vellum node that has many use cases. You can set up rigid or soft constraints that create very different results. You can also set up pins that are released when needed to break apart the connected pieces.Read More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Vellum Grains are basically points that you can simulate in many different ways. Start with a basic setup then learn how to get control over the simulation. In many cases, a Vellum Glue node will be used together with grains to get control overRead More →

All Lessons and Project Files: Vellum Hair is very versatile and can be used in many different situations. Start out with a basic hair setup and explore some of its key features. This video highlights the use of bend and stretch stiffness to control the results.Read More →

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