HIP TV’s Debra Isaac speaks with four of the 2020 Houly Daily Art Challenge winners – including Stephen Bester, Peter Höhsl, Christopher Rutledge and Moeen Sayed – about their experiences creating artwork for the challenge.Read More →

Learn from Folks VFX’s Louis-Philippe Clavet and Charles Gariepy how they used Houdini’s layout, set dressing, crowd, FX and PDG tools to bring a massive underwater battle to life for the grand finale of episodic series Siren.Read More →

H18.5 LAUNCH – OCT 15 @ 12p EDT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMrvCWy85xM Get a taste of what’s to come in Houdini 18.5 – with enhancements and new features across the functional spectrum – including game engine plugins, PDG, SOPs, pyro, FLIP fluids, rendering, and much more! – – – – – – –Read More →

Meet Goran Pavles and Manuel Tausch, founders of Vancouver-based Stormborn Studios. In this feature they talk about their recent work for Project Blue Book, a tale from the high seas. They and their team dove into this project head first using Houdini’s ocean toolset and FLIP fluids to create impressiveRead More →

In this Houdini Connect we chat with Mário Dubec and Petr Zloty from the Prague-based studio UPP about their work in a spot created for Vodafone. The primary focus of their work on this project is around the generation of big crowds and of course the subsequent VFX work requiredRead More →

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