Let’s finally shoot some things! Today we implement the base of our shooting / weapon mechanic. ● Download cool Weapons: http://devassets.com/assets/modern-weapons/ ● Developer Forum: http://forum.brackeys.com/ ● Download project (GitHub): http://bit.ly/1JOvQ61 ···················································································· Learn how to make a multiplayer first-person shooter in Unity. This series teaches the very cool Unity Networking systemRead More →

In this video we add a bullet trail effect to our shooting mechanic. ● Developer Forum: http://forum.brackeys.com/ ● Download the 2D Assets Pack: http://devassets.com/assets/2d-mega-pack/ Difficulty of lesson: Novice. ···················································································· Learn how to make a cool 2D Platformer using the powerful 2D tools introduced with Unity 4.3. ···················································································· ♥ Donate: http://brackeys.com/donate/Read More →