Tune in to learn some techniques Tomas has developed over the many years in the jewelry industry. In this episode he designs a snake piece and a skull ring! T.S. Wittelsbach’s Monthly Schedule Available Here: http://pixologic.com/zbrushlive/author/t-s-wittelsbach/ Learn more about ZBrushLIVE: http://ZBrushLIVE.com Learn more about ZBrush: https://pixologic.com ZBrush Community: http://ZBrushCentral.com TryRead More →

– A Ana criou um Na’vi do filme “Avatar”, e demonstrou como ela costuma criar olhos e o formato da boca. – Ela usou Sculptris Pro, ZRemesher, Subdivisões, PolyPaint e o UV Master, e mostrou como exportar um Fbx e texturas do ZBrush. Ana’s Monthly Schedule Available Here: http://pixologic.com/zbrushlive/author/ana-carolina-pereira/ LearnRead More →

Turntabler – Pixologic’s ZBrush Plugin The Turntabler plugin allows you to create Turntable images sequences with specific passes. Simply position your model (in a front, back, or side position), choose the desired passes, set the amount of images for the turntable; and then click ‘Generate Turntable Images’! This plugin hasRead More →

Highlights from this episode: -Special Fan art Speed Sculpt session of Overwatch character: Genji -I talk about the positive gains of doing speed sculpting and what skills you will polish and acquire from those exercises Sébastien’s Monthly Schedule Available Here: http://pixologic.com/zbrushlive/author/sebastien-giroux/ Learn more about ZBrushLIVE: http://ZBrushLIVE.com Learn more about ZBrush:Read More →

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