This fire effect was created in Houdini 9.5 using volume fluids. The flaming ball was rolled into shot where it’s temperature attributes spread onto the fuel causing even more fire to ignite. Point lights were instanced throughout the fire to simulate its glow.Read More →

This dyanamic simulation of a smoke bomb integrates Houdini’s Rigid Body and Voxel Fluid Dynamics. The smoke is emitted using the normals of the bomb canister to make sure they emit in the proper direction. The look of the smoke is derived from the material-based noise which sticks to theRead More →

This shot brings together a keyframe animated plane and a cloud volume built out of a combination of simulated and static volumes. Ramps were used to get a nice falloff of the clouds into the distance, and the project was given a vintage film look using Houdini’s compositing tools.Read More →

The leopard was rigged with Houdini’s autorig tools and then a full set of muscles including jiggle was added to the deform rig. The fur was then attached to the deforming skin using Houdini’s procedural fur system and textured fur shader.Read More →

This video shows the technique taught in 3D World Issue 104. Titled Wash and Dry, the tutorial explores the use of fluids to make fur wet using particles, attribute transfer and wire dynamics. This lesson was inspired by Alvin Yap’s (gallenwolf) wet bunny example.Read More →

Side Effects Software is pleased to announce Houdini for Mac is going into beta (Not an April’s fools joke – it is after noon here). You can visit our site and apply for the beta or wait until early summer for a public beta.Read More →

Side Effects showed off this video at this year’s Game Developers Conference to show of Houdini features that are applicable to creating game art. Side Effects was in the Garage Games booth promoting the announcement that Houdini and Houdini Apprentice HD will be supporting the Torque game engine. Thanks toRead More →

This is the Side Effects demo reel showcasing work by film studios using Houdini. Stealth and Shark Boy and Lave Girl are profiled along with a variety of other projects.Read More →

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