Gear up in your battle armor and take on the sinister Ocular Force! Become Josephine and put a stop to the power-mad cult and the mysterious phantom force behind their spree of carnage! Features: -Purchase Permanent Upgrades -Multiple Weapons -Platforming Skill Progression -Massive Boss Fights -Animated Cutscenes Stay up toRead More →

GIGA WRECKER Alt. is a mixture of exploration and physics. Bring down towering walls and then use the rubble as a platform for navigating each level. Mechanical skill and creative problem solving will be tested.

GIGA WRECKER was brought to life through Game Freak’s internal “Gear Project” where its developers are encouraged to come up with intriguing ideas for games outside the company’s normal. The game also features music by video game composer, Shinij Hosoe, known for Ridge Racer and Tekken, among many other titles.
www.risingstargames.comRead More →

Satisfy your appetite for destruction in the world’s first Run and Gun and Eat game! In this rogue RPG shooter, you’ll have to eat enemies to powerup your character, upgrade your weapon, and explore four diet-based skill trees. Stay well-fed and keep stocked up on calories to energize your specialRead More →

Take to the skies on the back of scientifically-engineered eagles and joust against AI patriots from America’s past. Dodge fireworks, bear traps, and dead presidents. The history might be wrong, but the justice is so right. Mech-eagle based combat for true patriots Firecrackers, bear traps & land mine eagle eggsRead More →

Join Takayuki Yagami as he sets out to uncover the truth behind a series of gruesome murders in Judgment. Tarnishing his reputation as an up-and-coming lawyer, Yagami becomes a private detective to seek the truth that eluded him several years ago. Choose to play with English or Japanese voice-over, andRead More →

We’re pleased to announce that as well as having English and Japanese voice-overs, Judgment will feature fully localised subtitles in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish! Make sure to follow us for more exciting news on Judgment coming soon…Read More → Coming April 26th, 2019! Pre Order Days Gone today to get the following. On the PS Store Pre-order and receive a bonus after checking out: DAYS GONE SAWMILL DYNAMIC THEME Pre-order and receive the following at launch: DRIFTER CROSSBOW EARLY UNLOCK NITROUS UPGRADE #1 GAS TANK UPGRADE #1 SHROUDRead More →

Every inch of Novo Slava is a dangerous war zone, can you survive? Watch the new trailer to get a glimpse of the Garmoniyan invasion of Novo Slava. LEFT ALIVE is a brand-new survival action shooter coming to the PlayStation®4 and STEAM® on 5th March 2019. Available in very limitedRead More →

Experience The Pillar on December 18th, the second of seven new DLC adventures for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Join the Eidos-Montréal team as they dive into these fresh experiences, which deliver all-new challenge tombs, many playable in co-op. The team explores Tomb Raider’s rich lore with multiple side-missions, andRead More →

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