Luna is a Wildhüter Closer who wields the multifunctional Aegis to maximum effect.

Originally trained as a support specialist, she soon blossomed into a well-balanced combatant with a remarkable talent for destruction.

Along with her best friend Soma, Luna handles a lot of special missions for Wildhüter, while Wolfgang tackles the big stuff.

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We know many of you don’t have tip-top gear for battling gods, so for two weeks (from Tuesday, November 27 at 8 a.m. until Tuesday, December 11 at 8 a.m. Pacific), Lady Tanly is releasing her secret enchanting scrolls to help everyone PunchUp their gear.

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Bahaar’s Sanctum goes live with the Fiery Featherweights update November 13.

This level 65 dungeon sees you facing off against the titanic Bahaar, a god driven insane by the divine war, and seething with an unquenchable fire.Read More →

Join the adventures of Lady Tanly and prepare to come out fighting for the Fiery Featherweights update on November 13.
Create your very own elin brawler; they may be small, but these elins pack a mighty punch!Read More →

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Soma is a tonfa-wielding member of Wildhüter who harbors intense hatred of dimensional monsters, and attacks them with the endless hostility. Obsessed with approval, Soma is driven by her desire to see people smile, and receiving praise for good work. Now, Soma will act as a Closer to defend the smiles of the people.Read More →

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Soma possesses a wide variety of fighting techniques that allows her to deal a flurry of uninterrupted chain attacks and powerful finishing blows to silence her enemies all at once.Read More →

The Deathwrack content update brings new challenges, skills, and systems to TERA. Check back over the next few weeks for some exciting reveals about the next evolution of True. Action. Combat.

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A Closer of the Wildhüter using the ‘Black Book,’ a mysterious grimoire, as a main weapon. Fights the enemy by summoning evil spirits or weapons of dimensional monsters sealed inside the book. Wolfgang is an excellent Closer who can complete any mission based on his wealth of experience. Usually, however, he lacks the motivation to do so. Wolfgang also acts as an instructor for the kids of the Wildhüter.Read More →

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