A large asteroid is approaching the earth. It is still far away, but something isn’t right. Our scanners can’t get clear readings and satellites sent to sample it get blown up. With our teleportation technology, we sent a manned space ship called the terminator to gather information. What we learnedRead More →

In a world hone black and white, it’s up to one trusty painter and his magical paintbrush to bring a little color back. Avoid the nasty creatures that want to keep things drab and paint the town green in this arcade style platformer. Check it out and more at: https://www.megacatstudios.comRead More →

in this retro beat ’em up, aliens are coming to take our two most precious commodities: coffee & metal music! Put a stop to the Smurglian race with single player and multiplayer alien butt kicking modes! Get your copy at: https://megacatstudios.com/collections/sega-genesis/products/coffee-crisis-sega-genesis Come join in on the discussion at our officialRead More →

After the smashing success of new world AI vacations and theme parks, genetically-modified eagle jockey jousting finally get it’s play. Now is your chance to take part in this exciting and patriotic extravaganza. Truly immersive AI reality has arrived! The eagles are saddled and ready to flap, and our scientistsRead More →