Let’s have a look at the new gun being added to the game “MK47 Mutant” and break it down with Izzo.

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Pubg Mobile v0.10.5 Update releases the new Laser Sight as a grip attachment. Wicked Gaming explains what it actually does and the scenarios you can use it in. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Today’s task is to chase down some of the most important items on Vikendi. Supply drops! When loot is scarce… sometimes you have to make your own luck!

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Season 5 and the Royale Pass have arrived! Some will attack from the shadows while others will charge head-on with brute force. Which side will you choose? #pubgmshadow vs #pubgmforce

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Check out 100 Players do the Crossbow only challenge in an Advanced Custom Room.

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