Star Wars: Building the Imperial Star Destroyer for 3D Printing – Thomas Roussel – Episode 1

In this series, Thomas Roussel creates the Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars episode V for the purpose of 3D printing it (1/1600 scale – 1m long!).
Be sure to catch him when he broadcasts live to follow along or just to hang out!

In this first Episode, Thomas will come back on the first step of this project creation, started some time ago, which covers 3D scan, retopology and of course, modeling with ZBrush.

This project is sponsored by Formlabs. Thomas is using his Form2 3D printer for this project.
You can request a Form 2 sample part by visiting:
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Thomas’ 3D printing tools and post-process tools (only in french for now, most links are to Japanese stores in English):
Thomas on Twitch:
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Thomas’ monthly schedule is available here:

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