Spine 3.8 features rundown

Erika and Mario walk you through the most notable features in the latest release of the Spine Editor and Spine Runtimes.

00:16 Mesh tracing
00:40 Polygonal texture packing
00:58 Soft IK
01:10 Skin bones and constraints
02:23 Mix-and-match project
02:49 Folders
03:28 Rulers
03:42 Enhanced PSD export
04:10 Welcome screen
05:09 New tree settings
06:03 Minor improvements
07:31 Runtime improvements
07:56 Breaking changes
08:18 Reduced .json and .skel file sizes
08:59 Binary format loading in spine-ts and spine-as3
09:47 Improved skins API
11:42 Engine specific improvements

Blog post: http://esotericsoftware.com/blog/Spine-3-8-released

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