Spider-Man’s Webs: His most Valuable Superpower | Pouyan Navid | SIGGRAPH 2019

Pouyan shows how the Method team created organic looking spider webs from scratch for Spider-Man commercials. He covers creating the geometry with curves, web shooting animation, dynamic simulation to show weight and movement and finally making shaders and rendering it.

Pouyan Navid knew from an early age he wanted to be a visual effects artist. He started his career in the industry as a VFX artist at local TV stations before going to school for Visual Effect. Over the years he has strived to better his craft and continue to learn and teach others at the schools that taught him, Cal State Northridge. He has held many roles in his career from technical director to character animator, Lighting and Rigging to FX and CG lead to his current role as CG supervisor at Method Studios in Los Angeles.


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