Speech at Choffin Career and Technical Center


About the Speech

Kendra Corpier and Andrew Pavlick were invited to speak to the students of the media and design departments at Choffin Career and Technical Center about game development.

Kendra and Andrew discussed with the students some ways that the students can improve their portfolios, some strategies to stand out above other applicants when applying for a game development job, and a lot about 3D modeling and 3D animation.

“Andrew and I had a blast talking with the students. They were so enthusiastic about game development, especially with the art portion. They reminded me of myself when I was their age.” -Kendra Corpier, Eimear Studios

“Thanks so much for your recent Gaming Presentation. The students really enjoyed it and found it very informative.” – Richard S. Scarsella, VOSE Cd., Choffin Career and Technical Center

Download the PDF 8 page booklet that Kendra wrote for the students that gives some pointers on ways that pre-college and college students can prepare to get into the game development industry.

View the Speeches Below!

We recorded the speeches that Andrew and Kendra gave so that you could all view the speech as well. Due to legal issues, we have to blur out any of the students” faces. Enjoy!


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