STEM Video Game Development

This is a guideline for our speakers who attend our meetups, events, and other. YGD is a diverse group of individuals, and YGD would like for anyone speaking to, for or about our group to please follow these guidelines in order to maintain the spirit of the Youngstown Game Developers group.

Thank you,

YGD Leaders


Speakers and their presentations must maintain the spirit of the Youngstown Game Developers (YGD) meetup group

  • That we are an open group and welcome anyone interested in game development and design.
  • That we work to provide a safe, respectful environment for member participation.
  • That we strive to be a community resource, foster growth and strengthening each other.

General Guidelines

All interactions and content presented at a Youngstown Game Developers event should adhere to our Social Code and Anti-Harassment Policy:

  • YGD Social Code
  • Pro-Diversity and Anti-Harassment Policy

Presentations should not be used to promote a Speaker’s products or agenda without permission from an Organizer. Additionally, the audience should be made aware that the talk is promotional in nature.

Speakers and Organizers are expected to refrain from using offensive language, images or innuendo.

Speakers and Organizers are expected to respect alternative opinions, ideas, and discussions.

Speakers and Organizers are expected to show courtesy at all times to other Speakers, members, attendees and the public.

Presentations may be streamed or recorded for distribution via an online service. If a Speaker wishes to not have their talk recorded, they are responsible for notifying the Organizer before the presentation begins.

In order to quickly move through the events, Organizers will create an ordered agenda and Speakers are expected to be ready for their slot.

Lightning Talk Format

A Lightning Talk should contain 5 to 10 minutes of content.

At the 9-minute mark, an attention sound will be played and Speakers are expected to conclude their presentation.

At the 10-minute mark or once the presentation is complete, the Organizer will close out the talk and thank the presenter for their time.

Lightning talks may be multi-topical or multi-disciplinary but must fit in with the overall event theme.

Workshop / Long Content Format

A Workshop should contain 20 to 60 minutes of content.

The workshop length should be communicated in advance to the Organizer to help set the agenda.

All prerequisites for workshop attendees must be communicated in advance so that they can arrive prepared to work.

Workshops should be structured where content is broken up in a way to keep the audience engaged. Common techniques for this is to add hands-on activities, live demonstrations or Q&A in between content slices.


If possible, a single machine for presentations should be utilized to ensure Audio / Video setup only has to be done once. To facilitate this, the Organizer may request presentation materials from Speakers in order to collate them together.

If hardware such as a projector or audio system is needed, the Speaker must notify the Organizer as soon as possible. If the hardware is not available, the Speaker and Organizer will work together on a contingency plan, or potentially modify, cancel or postpone the event.


Speakers are encouraged to practice their talks in advance.

Speakers should try to avoid “reading from the slide” and instead “speak to the content”. Photo based presentations can help with this.

Speakers should consider sharing their presentation materials online for later reference by attendees.

If Speakers have websites and resources for attendees to look over after their presentation ends, their presentation slide deck should conclude with a slide listing those resources.

URLs should be minified for ease of note-taking. Bit.Ly is a good site for this.

Sending Files / Presentations to Organizer

Should you need to send any files or presentations slides or anything else for review or to be used for your presentation, please email them to