Solaris Workshop – Layout and Scene Assembly | Rob Stauffer | Houdini HIVE Worldwide

Learn how to take existing assets that were authored in USD and start build out a layout and scene graph using Solaris. Explore typical LOP-based tools such as the stage manager and then learn how to buildup scenes using the layers coming from other departments.

Rob Stauffer is a Senior Production Consultant at SideFX. He has over 20 years experience in computer graphics and visual effects. Rob started his career at Digital Domain and has worked at Sony Imageworks, Weta Digital, Asylum FX and most recently was an FX Supervisor at Rhythm and Hues. He has contributed to the FX of over 20 feature films including, “Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King”, “Spiderman 2”, “X-Men:First Class”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Seventh Son”. Rob joined SideFX in 2013 where he educates new and existing clients on the features of Houdini. Consults with studios on their pipelines and where Houdini may fit in and explores new and future technologies within VFX, Games and VR.

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