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SideFX Webinar: HDA Building Part 2

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HDA Building – Part Two


In Part Two, SideFX will continue looking at Houdini Digital Assets or HDA construction from basics to in-depth details. All live in Houdini. All the time building up HDAs to demonstrate all features.

This webinar will focus on the expanded use of HDAs in Houdini, making HDA tools and using scripting to make smarter HDAs, and manage these HDAs, picking up ideas from the questions in the first HDA webinar.

HDAs are used throughout Houdini from geometry to shading. From compositing to outputs. Any node network can be captured in an HDA. HDAs can also have behaviors by using scripting. As you build more and more HDAs, you need to manage them.

Customizing HDAs is a big part of the work. This requires an in-depth look at the Edit Operator Type Properties dialog as this is the key tool for tool construction.

Managing HDAs is also covered. HDAs are automatically added to context tab menus and you can install assets directly on the shelf. You may have ten, hundreds or thousands of assets to manage in Houdini. You can have multiple assets inside a single .hda file will be discussed. There are command-line tools to help manage HDAs along with three key ways of configuring your environment. Versioning HDAs is also covered along with HDA diff’ing.

Webinar: Wednesday, July 18 @ 12 pm EST


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