SideFX Illume Webinar: Working with Material Style Sheets – Part 2

Material Style Sheets Part 2

Part 2 on Material Style Sheets will focus on CVEX overrides and using MSS outside of Houdini.

The bottlecaps example will be worked up from scratch in Houdini looking at the process of using VOPs to construct a CVEX run-time procedural. We will use a CVEX program shader to drive property overrides, in turn, to randomly select different texture maps to apply to the packed primitive bottle caps.

We will create MSS templates as well to help set up standard looks on disk for re-use on any scene geometry through Mantra ROPs and calling Mantra from the command line.

The webinar will cover how to pack up materials as JSON files so you don’t have to include shaders inside the IFD file. Just pass the MSS into Mantra. We will also look at the Mantra default properties which also is a material style sheet JSON file.

How far can you push Material Style Sheets as opposed to using SOHO and IFD’s will conclude the webinar? Can MSS replace parts of SOHO?

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Details of Webinar

Presented by: Jeff Wagner, Senior Production Consultant SideFX

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 – 12 pm EST

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