Seoul Dynasty Outlines Vision for Success in 2019 Overwatch League Season

Seoul Dynasty Outlines Vision for Success in 2019 Overwatch League Season

  • Three pillars are key to success in 2019 – ‘Unity’, ‘Professionalism’ and ‘Positive Energy’
  • “Michelle” (Off Tank), “Marve1” (Main Tank) and “Jecse” (Main Healer) make up the team’s newest additions
  • “WhyNot” named to coaching staff, joining General Manager “Hocury”, and fellow Assistant Coaches “KDG” and “Changgoon” to optimize the team’s performance

November 8, 2018 – Following a busy offseason in which Gen.G’s Overwatch League team, Seoul Dynasty, revamped its roster and coaching staff, General Manager Ho-cheol “Hocury” Lee is establishing a championship formula.

“Hocury” is building a culture that underscores unity, professionalism and positive energy — each crucial in developing a winning foundation. Unity emphasizes the importance of working together and remaining on the same page to maintain a cohesive playing style. Professionalism accounts for players’ day-to-day approach and commitment to performing at a high level. Finally, winning players bring a positive energy to the facility, instilling confidence in teammates and leading by example.

“Last season our coaching staff and players weren’t fully on the same page, resulting in a slightly disjointed playing style at times. But we have all worked relentlessly this offseason to make sure that won’t be an issue in 2019,” said Hocury. “The coaching staff we’ve put together has helped us develop a winning identity. Players have a better understanding of their responsibilities and are committed to improving. It’s been quite the process, but there’s a positive energy in our building heading into the season. By focusing on these three pillars, our staff, players and fans should expect better results.”

Maximizing efficiency during training to generate better performance in-game has also been a focal point throughout the offseason. Through in-depth post-scrim video and data analysis, players are given feedback they can learn from and apply next time around.

“We must maintain a high level of concentration during training so we can spot our opponent’s mistakes and capitalize in meaningful games,” said Hocury. “Breaking down our performances post-match is critical to improving in this area.”

Earlier this year, Donggun “KDG” Kim was appointed Head Coach — he’ll be joined by Assistant Coaches Chang Geun “Changgoon” Park and Juhyeop “WhyNot” Lee.

“KDG” has a strong esports background having played StarCraft professionally before coaching Mosaic Esports and 6nakes. “Changgoon” brings a championship pedigree — after a stint with GC Busan as Manager and Coach, he led the London Spitfire to the inaugural Overwatch League Grand Finals Championship. Meanwhile, “WhyNot” was a pro player for MVP and recognized as a talented, hands-on coach who can execute new in-game strategies, having helped land O2 Ardeont in 2nd place during Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 1. Together, this trio will continue to stress unity, professionalism and positive energy. Additionally, there will be a 360 wellness program in place, led by sports psychologists and personal physical trainers.

The newest additions to the team, Min Hyuk “Michelle” Choi (Off Tank), Min Seo “Marve1” Hwang (Main Tank), and Seung Soo “Jecse” Lee (Main Healer) will complete the 12-player roster. “Michelle” is known for having great awareness and an ability to adapt to various situations, while Marve1 adds strong technical skills and a stable playing style. Meanwhile, Jecse is a high-level shot caller willing to do anything for the team. These acquisitions make up a well-rounded club, spanning a wide array of specialties.

They join an already formidable group that includes Joon Hyeok “ZUNBA” Kim, Je Hong “ryujehong” Yu, Jin Mo “tobi” Yang, Chan Hyung “Fissure Baek, Sang Beom “Munchkin” Byun and Byung Sun “FLETA” Kim.

Seoul Dynasty is preparing for a strong 2019 OWL season, driven by a new-and-improved roster and coaching staff.

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