Scuti Monetization Platform

Scuti Monetization Platform Coming Soon

Scuti has announced its personal marketplace for video game players will launch this summer. Designed by a team of video game industry veterans, the Scuti store heralds new revenue for developers everywhere, big and small.

Scuti’s patent-pending integration enables players to shop directly for popular consumer goods from within any participating game — and they not only shop without leaving the game app but also get to have their shopping experience gamified.  The marketplace uses artificial intelligence to create rotating displays of recommended products from Fortune 500 and niche brands and features a unique rewards program that allows players to earn Scuti coins with every action and purchase. Rewards are redeemable for the purchase of real-world goods and for in-game credits against any of the games in the Scuti network.

For game makers, Scuti delivers newfound revenue streams. Until now, game makers have struggled to monetize players through free to play games or incremental revenues beyond a premium game’s initial purchase. Scuti’s monetization team addresses this by allowing game makers to make money from something all players do, literally every day — shop and buy goods online.

Scuti estimates that each game maker will net at least an ARPDAU of $0.20 to $0.30 through the marketplace, and provide their users another form of engagement through their games, driving retention and LTV of each player.

Jamy Nigri, COO for Scuti

“The gamer’s experience is sacred to Scuti and our publishing partners. Every one of us is gamers. We are intimately aware of what we would want to see and feel inside the game experience. This has informed and directed every single decision to elegantly monetize the experience. Underneath this mindful design, we have a platform that respects gamers personal details and their privacy. Simply put, the execution of Scuti is additive to any existing game.”

In a survey of 500 players across all platforms, pricing tiers, demographics, and age groups, 9 out of 10 said they would shop for products through Scuti. The majority said they would check the store every day or every time they played.

executive advisor Jim Veevaeert

“Shopping Scuti is the player’s choice. The rewards they receive only serve to make their gameplay experience all that much better. Game makers can also use Scuti to sell their merch and open all their players to the practice of virtual spending.”

Veevavert, whose 25-year career includes producing and publishing hits like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and the Halo franchise, believes developers will also see additional benefits.

At the helm of Scuti is Kym Nelson, a video game executive with 20 years in the industry.  Nelson commenced her game career at Interplay, and created FOX Interactive Media’s first vertical sales team to represent both IGN and MySpace. She also built the Twitch media group, which eventually sold to Amazon. Nelson leads the present effort to engage both Fortune 500 and niche brands, as well as movie studios like Fox who plan to stream theatrical trailers through the platform.

“Scuti will help small businesses, and direct to consumer (DTC) companies with an entirely new way to get in front of consumers and provide meaningful experiences for hundreds of millions of game players. Scuti offers brands new and relevant ways to engage with this audience, especially during these trying times, and an enormous potential new revenue stream for game makers.”

Scuti is presently rolling out its marketplace in top mobile, PC games, and eSports, and expects to see gamers start shopping this summer.

About Scuti

Scuti is the world’s first personalized AI-driven marketplace accessed through a network of games allowing brands to promote and sell directly to game players.  Scuti ‘s marketplace gamifies shopping through product curation and an extensive rewards system that rewards each purchase with in-game credits.

Scuti benefits the entire eco-system by providing players great deals and rewards from the top brands they seek, delivering to game makers new and necessary revenue streams, and for brands, a direct channel to players.

Located in NY and LA, Scuti was formed by video game veterans with proven track records in gaming, ad-tech, and consumer products markets.

Scuti’s vision is to build the leading global marketplace where brands and shoppers can be connected by sophisticated AI and matched through the games they play.

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