Screening of the Indie Game Developer Movie: Gameloading


Gameloading: Rise of the Indies

We got it! The date for the screening of GameLoading is Thursday, June 25th at 7:30. The cost is $11 for your movie ticket. Here is the link to get your ticket:

So spread the word! We need 44 ticket reservations to make this happen! Make sure to click on that link above to reserve your seat!

The movie will be held at:

Boardman Movies 8

469 Boardman Poland Rd

Boardman, OH 44512

June 25 · 7:30 PM

Boardman Movie’s 8

Post or email me if you want to carpool or whatever. We are helping to host this, so please take part. This will be a public showing, so invite your friends to reserve their seats as well! Tweet the message, spread the word, Facebook, or whatever other social-ness you can.

See you all at the upcoming meeting.


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