Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon – Nintendo DS

A man with amnesia wanders into a town named Alvarna, where he meets Mana, a happy and helpful young woman and daughter of the local farmer. Mana takes pity on the man and gives him an empty plot of land and basic tools so that he can live for himself. Upon developing his life with a new identity, both his farm and his relationships grow, leading him to get married to his chosen bride and conceive a child with her.

One day, he regains his memory and remembers why he came to Alvarna in the first place. Resuming his quest, the man leaves his young family in the middle of the night. Years later, his child continues looking after the land but has begun their own quest to find their father and discover his reasons for leaving.

Continuation of the critically acclaimed Rune Factory mechanic, combining classic Harvest Moon gameplay with engaging RPG elements
Play through two generations; first the father, then the son/daughter
Unlimited farming resources; your land is always growing, even when the RPG story is over
Four huge dungeons to hone your fighting skills and cultivate special crops
Start your family with any of the female villagers you encounter; pick from over a dozen potential spouses
Tame monsters you encounter to help out on your farm

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