Rigging the Painting of an Elderly Lady in Spine

Originally streamed on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/esotericsoftware

00:00:06 Stream Introduction – How Erika lost her voice for a cold
00:04:10 Images overview
00:06:05 Centering the images
00:08:45 Planning the animation
00:10:25 Bones creation
00:18:11 Transform Constraint for inverse movement
00:22:48 Color-coding bones
00:30:39 Some little bone creation and rotation tricks
00:33:20 Parenting the images
00:35:23 Mesh creation
00:56:14 Binding bones to the mesh and big mesh painting
01:03:18 Explaining what will be done and why on the mesh weights
01:04:10 Body weights
01:15:10 Neck weights
01:18:00 Head weights
01:25:32 2.5D Head turn weights
01:34:00 Making the nose 2.5D
01:37:13 Making the eye-sockets follow the head turn
01:42:43 Placing the head on an extreme position to adjust the weights to match it
01:47:45 Making the eyes follow the mesh, but also the bone that controls them
01:55:50 Mouth controls on the mesh
02:04:00 Eyebrows controls on the mesh
02:20:25 Eyelid controls on the mesh
02:40:42 Animation
03:05:00 End of the stream bye bye!

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