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Everyone needs to look up game development stuff to learn new things. This page is to help you find resources for your game development process and help you find some game making tools. From books to podcasts and game engines to software, we will list as many resources that we know of to help you develop your video games.

Start Your Game Development


This is a listing of various categories of software used in developing video games.

Game Development

This is a list of tools to help you get started with developing and making your own video game.

Game Engines

A list of game engines for you to experiment with and use in your game development process.

Graphics and Art

Some software and resources to help you make your games look amazing.

Sound / Music

Some sound a music software and resources to help you make your game sound great.

Dev Kits

These are links to help you easily find out about how you can get your game development kits for the next console you want to develop a game for.

Distribute Your Finished Game

Listing of places and suggestions on how to get your super amazing game in front of your fans.

Business of Game Developers

Some help to get you started with launching your game and turning your garage studio into a real business.

Marketing Your Game

A guide to help you understand the basics of marketing your game.

Other Websites

This is a listing of websites that could help you with your game development research.

Books / eBooks

Some books about game development, the history of video games or really, just about any books we like that have to do with game development or video games.

Movies / Shows

Shows and movies to help inspire and educate you with your game development.


A list of museums, both offline and online, where you can visit and learn about the history of game development and video games.


A list of recommended podcasts and video blogs that discuss things to do with the game industry.

Other Organizations

A list of organizations that you can join to help yourself network with other game developers.

Programming and Code Editors

A list of programming and code editors that you can use to write code.

Interactive Stories, Games, and Animation in Your Browser

Engine Prgramming Required? 2D / 3D? Available for OS Builds to…
Scratch No 2D (All Genres) Online, Windows, Mac, Linux Desktop, Web
Snap! No 2D (All Genres) Online, Windows, Mac, Linux Desktop, Web

Some More Lists:

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