RenderMan for Houdini | Wayne Wooten | SIGGRAPH 2019

Learn about Pixar’s new RenderMan for Houdini plugin, completely rewritten to support the latest interactive workflows in RenderMan. Wayne Wooten will demonstrate RenderMan’s greatly improved integration with Houdini, including interactive modeling, shading, and lighting. Wayne will also highlight features like seamless support for Houdini‚Äôs geometric attributes, volumetric rendering, and the addition of Pixar’s powerful Preset Browser.

Wayne Wooten is the Software Development Manager for the RenderMan Products Group at Pixar Animation Studios. He has worked at Pixar since 1997 on many varied projects over his career; from lighting technical director on “A Bug’s Life”, to architect of the Render Farm control software for “Toy Story 2” and “Monster’s Inc”. Wayne then moved to working on jelly fish translucency effects for “Finding Nemo” and more efficient ways to render long, black hair for “The Incredibles”. Wayne has principally worked on ray tracing algorithms, shading languages, textures, and the system architecture for RenderMan. He has been credited on every movie Pixar has produced since “A Bug’s Life”. A couple of years ago, he took on his biggest challenge to date; managing the team of engineers responsible for creating some of the most innovative VFX production software in the industry. Wayne received both his BS and Ph.D. degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology before joining Pixar Animation Studios.


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