Ready for Battle: The FX in Midway | Marc Joos and Adam Figielski | Houdini HIVE Worldwide

It’s all hands on deck as we embark on Roland Emmerich’s World War II epic to explore how the visual effects were used in this film. Learn how highly orchestrated FX techniques brought aircrafts, ships and the Pacific ocean to life. Through detailed historical research, previs, animation and various software, Pixomondo’s visual effects in the film vividly recreated the past so audiences could experience it in the present.

Adam Figielski is a VFX Supervisor who has a passion for creating digital environments for film was awoken when he joined the Pixomondo team in 2008 to work as a Digital Matte Painter on Pixomondo’s first feature film, The Red Baron. Since then, Adam has contributed to a variety of projects including Game of Thrones, 2012, Oblivion, Red Tails and the Academy Award-winning film Hugo.He was awarded with a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Visual Effects and a VES Award for his work on the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.Adam’s creative vision and technical skills ensured he quickly became part of the core team as an Environment Supervisor and subsequently as a Visual Effects Supervisor at the Stuttgart facility. As a Supervisor he is known for his technical expertise, fine sense of color and image composition and as well as his driving visual inspiration.Further feature film and TV series credits include Live by Night, Wolf Totem, Fast Five, Furious Seven, Ninja Assassin, Fear the Walking Dead, Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, Star Trek: Discovery, The Wandering Earth, Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race.Most recently, Adam acted as a division VFX Supervisor on the latest Roland Emmerich film, Midway and the Disney hit, Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Marc Joos is Head of FX since his early childhood Marc Joos had been drawn to art. What started with drawing and painting evolved to putting his work in three-dimensional space during his studies. For all his time in the VFX industry he has been faithful to Pixomondo, starting as a CG generalist in Frankfurt, continuing with CG and animation in LA until his path lead him to Stuttgart for working on Red Tails. His first FX task was for the Oscar winning Hugo, which was the foundation for many other well-known projects such as Game of Thrones, Fast and Furious 7, The Walking Dead, Justice League and The Mandalorian. Since 2018, Marc has acted as Head of FX department overseeing FX tasks for a multitude of projects and helping other artist grow to great potential.

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