RBD Tools Update | H17 Masterclass

In this masterclass, Cameron White covers the new RBD-related features in Houdini 17.

Cameron begins with constraints – particularly, soft constraints, along with some useful new options in Glue Constraint.

He continues with SOPs – Convex Decomposition – as well as some useful utility SOPs like Extract Centroid, Extract Transform, and new options for Attribute Promote when working with RBD objects.

The last topic will be the new Fracturing tools, including Voronoi Fracture 2.0, new Boolean Fracture SOP, and the higher-level RBD Material Fracture toolset introduced in the latest release.

Download scene file here: sidefx.com/tutorials/h17-masterclass-rbd-tools-update

00:35 Constraints
14:25 SOPs
20:29 Convex Decomposition
28:38 Attribute Promote
33:37 Extract Centroid
36:59 Extract Transform
43:08 Voronoi Fracture 2.0
1:12:25 Boolean Fracture
1:42:29 Material Fracture

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