Quiet Goes Loud in MGS V Update

Surprising everyone this week, Konami has dropped their radio silence after the pitiful Metal Gear Survive launch a few months back by updating Metal Gear V with a new mode that lets you play as everyone’s favorite silent sniper, Quiet. Don’t forget you can find all the best online games in the UK currently available in the market at one place at Easy Slots.

In what’s clearly an attempt to pull players back to one of their better performing games, Konami has pushed out a patch that adds some interesting new features to the game that really should have been there since launch. Although this is their second major character update in a year where we saw Ocelot being added to the roster, by now most MGS V players have left for greener pastures and better games like the kind you find on a site like Easy Slots.

But moving on, this new update adds new online items, a new difficulty level to the popular Event FOB as well as adding Quiet as a playable character. As the silent assassin Quiet you can sprint around at high speed, turn invisible for maximum stealth as well as leap high over obstacles without the need for a ladder.

It also adds some new fun high-powered lethal and non-lethal rifles that will let you pop enemy heads from ridiculously far away during FOB events. An interesting addition is the use of items from the Metal Gear Survive games in the form of Dark Matter Balls that can stun or inflict damage and energy walls that block attacks temporarily.

Finally, as a candle to top off this unexpected cake there’s also a new difficulty mode for those Metal Gear masochists out there that enjoy being punished for their mistakes in the game. Dubbed “Event FOB [HARD]”, this mode allows you to earn even more points whilst playing without the fear of retaliation.

What that means is you can invade someone’s base and wreak havoc for higher rewards with a higher difficulty without having to fear reprisals from the players you invade later on. Whilst this may seem a tad unbalanced on paper, in performance the AI is noticeably improved, and you will need to be a ninja to get in and out undetected in the higher difficulties. Why not win cash playing online slots at this website.

The Verdict

Although the game is already three years old and out of its normal development cycle, it’s nice to see that Konami is still tweaking and making small additions to the game. Although it’s hard to ignore how much of a colossal box-office failure Metal Gear Survive was, perhaps this addition of the best character in the game is their way of paying penance for their MGS sins.

However, the player base for MGS V is still pretty active, so this will undoubtedly drag some extra mileage out of the game before the multiplayer servers inevitably go the way of MGS 4 and shut completely down.

Exactly when that will be though is something we will need to wait and see, perhaps this update might prove to be more popular than we think?

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