Pros and Cons To Consider When Using Unity

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Pros and Cons to consider when using Unity

Unity is one of the most advanced game engines you could find around. It offers the tools for the creation of games, testing and facilitates the running of apps in different environments. It comes with tons of plug-ins that are meant to make your development experience better.

Unity allows you to produce high-quality apps that can run smoothly. But, tech expert Ian Andrews notes, “despite offering you an array of benefits the engine also comes with several disadvantages you might want to know about.” Below is a highlight of the unity game engine with both pros and cons.

Pros of Unity:

    • Platform Support – The Unity development environment comes with great support and features a wide array of platforms to build to. About 95 percent of the work you do could be shared between the web, mobile platforms, PC, and consoles. This allows easy access to your development files and you can build to any platform that you feel is capable of helping you optimize the game experience. The flexibility achieved helps to make your work easier.
    • Good Graphics – Another factor about the Unity environment is the advanced visual effects you have access to that are useful while developing your apps. The visual scales down easily to accommodate screens that are the size of mobile devices, without compromising low-level access for optimizations through pixel shaders. Graphics is one aspect of development that is paramount to producing high-quality software, especially in gaming. That is why Unity includes powerful graphics solutions that will challenge you to enhance your design patterns.
    • Documentation – There is also the support of experienced developers and the Unity documentation is detailed enough to allow you to easily interpret solutions and get the right actions launched. With this clear support, you are able to easily come up with solutions to the problems you encounter while developing. There is no need to rush to other platforms to look for assistance since many things you want are included in the documentation provided.
    • Deployment – The deployment you enjoy on the Unity platform is easy, as it does not require complex processes.
    • Stability – Additionally, Unity offers much more stability for the code when you compare to other languages, and it includes awesome architecture ideal for good performance and a reduced number of errors during development.


Cons of Unity:

    • The first disadvantage of the Unity platform is that it does not allow you to load your work from a template or foundation. Everything must be implemented from scratch. This means you will need a lot of time to do something you could have included from a template. This is not the platform where you develop your game and expect to enjoy a ‘drag and drop’ experience. You have to do everything from scratch on the platform.
    • Licensing is another annoyance that you will encounter once you start using Unity. The subscription system of the platform is considered to be expensive and for a freelance developer, this might seem prohibitive as the charges are a bit on the higher side. Paying for the most expensive licenses allows you to enjoy the performance and graphical improvements, but this is only worthy if you are using a large or medium equipment. For someone using the Unity free subscription, you might encounter some obstacles, but you don’t need to always pay for the subscription to publish your apps on Android, Windows, and iPhone. What happens is that users will get the Unity splash screen that loads before the published game starts.


Ian Andrews is a tech writer with a tech review blog, covering topics such as tech news, new releases, product reviews, and more

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